Should You Self Install Your Home Security Camera Kit?

Delivery man ringing doorbell 177015974There is no right or wrong to home security, but should you or shouldn’t you self-install your home security camera kit? I mean let’s be honest, whether you have purchased a package of cameras, DVR and sensors from a highly ranked home security company, or you designed and purchased your own kit online the topic of self-installation is still controversial. Or at least it’s something you need to decide before you can move forward. There are definitely pluses and minuses to both sides of this argument and you’ll need to decide what’s rings as true for you.


Just to get this one out of the way (because let’s be honest, it’s what you’re primarily looking for from this article) what’s the difference in cost if you do the install and if you have a professional do the install? 878229_56431001DIY is infamously known for helping to cut down costs on small home improvement projects because the materials are cheaper and you don’t have to pay a technician for time. Installing security systems can be a complicated affair, especially if you’re installing a wired camera. There are many surveillance kits that are meant to be user friendly including the installation so in these situations self-installation can be a good plan. But calling for a professional is very wise when dealing with electronics that are meant to protect you and your family. You want to make sure that the system has been properly hooked up and then synced so the information you’re getting is accurate. Also if you hire a professional to do it then you’re going to have someone to hold accountable until everything is running smoothly (this can save you time and money).


When it comes to electronics it is important to know how to troubleshoot the little problems that are introduced into a closed network. Again, if you have familiarity with electronics and surveillance systems then you can probably troubleshoot for yourself. Self-installation also lends itself to your educating yourself about the system, which means that you’ll have more control over the system and be more able to self-maintain. If you don’t want to gain that education a professional is guaranteed to not only have the knowledge, but to be able to handle the troubleshooting quickly.

False Alarms

One of the biggest problems with self-installation is that cameras and monitors are notorious for sending off false alarms. When a professional who is trained with the system is able to install that system you are guaranteed less chance of wasting time and energy on false alarms.

Quality Equipment

Portrait Of Happy Senior Couple At Home 177750327Whether you go with a professional or not the equipment that is available to you can be high quality. This may lend itself to an argument for DIY installation, but be that as it may it’s true. You’re very likely to be able to find quality equipment without going through a security company. Still, you’ll never enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a security company’s network backing your own system. There’s a different kind of quality in both options.

Whether you decide to DIY your installation or call in a professional we’re glad you’ve decided to get home security cameras installed and wish you the best of luck!